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Here she was. Alone again, left to kill time by herself.
Hawkin was at the hottest club of the city and even its surroundings, yet she was bored, sitting at one of the banquet tables aligned against the barely lit walls. Periodically, she'd stare at the crowded dancefloor and around until she found who she was looking for and tracked them for a few seconds.

Hawkin had been dragged by some friends to come spend the night here. They'd party and most likely get drunk, while she'd drive them back home after they passed out or were too intoxicated to deny the hand of a random shady dude. That said, she'd have to remain sober, which wasn't a big deal, Hawkin had never been much of a drinker. But, she wasn't very outgoing, and that would make blending in a crowd of people with inhibited judgement dancing with whoever, rather... awkward. So Hawkin preferred staying on the sidelines and look after her friends from a distance, she'd feel much more comfortable that way.

However, she didn't have much time to think about her looks when the girls called to ask her to be their designated driver just five minutes before departing, and so she was wearing a t-shirt that was maybe a bit revealing and felt a little tight to be wearing by itself with nothing to cover. It was a bad idea.

A random guy that she'd seen hanging around and shooting gazes in her direction for a while made a bee-line to her table after having ordered another drink at the bar.

"Hey there, what's a beautiful woman like you doing here alone?" he asked with a slightly slurry voice. He was visibly tipsy, but was doing his best to speak clearly while he rested an arm on the table, adopting a "seductive" pose, which wasn't very seducing to Hawkin at all, but hey, everyone's got their ways.

"Not interested," she replied as soon as she could.

"Woah, woah, why so defensive? Don't be afraid, I don't bite."

"I'm a designated driver. Step off."

"Aw, what a waste, someone like you really deserves to have some fun on a night like this! Come on, let me show you a move or two."

"I said go bother someone else."

Having exhausted his arguments, the drunken guy gave up. He simply sighed and walked away muttering something along the lines of "cunt".

The evening went on like this. Random guys would occasionally drop by, trying to pick her up, and she'd often have to go to great lengths to make them go away. Why were guys here so insistent on her anyway?

After some time, she started getting rather self-conscious about her appearance and tried to hide her breasts the best she could. She was getting really tired of being approached by people who probably thought she was a slut to hire. Now she remembered why she usually didn't like to go into clubs.

The tactic seemed to work. No one had tried to hit on her for almost an hour now. However, Hawkin was tired and bored out of her mind, she didn't even hear the loud headache-inducing music anymore. She closed her arms, put them on the table and rested her chin over them, her blond hair gently falling over her shoulders to cover part of her face as she let out the longest sigh she was able to produce, trying to empty her lungs the most she could just to distract herself.

"Ugh, great, just when I think it stopped, another one comes in," she thought as she saw a man heading her way just a minute after.

"Hello there, is everything okay?" he asked when he reached the table.

"I'm fine, thank you."

"I couldn't help but notice you for the last few minutes, you seem awfully bored."

"Yeah. So what?"

"Well, you don't really look like the type to hang out in clubs. What's a girl like you doing here?"

"I'm a designated driver."

"Oh, of course, I should've thought. Then that makes two of us waiting to get back home."

Hm, he seems cool, maybe he's worth a conversation... It's not like I have anything else to do that's more interesting...
"Yeah, I got dragged here by my friends so they can all get drunk and not worry about their lift."

"Who did you come with, if I may ask?"

"Some high school classmates I've kept contact with. There's Shirley," she pointed at a girl near the dancefloor, passionately kissing a guy, "Montana," who was dancing without restraint, "Maddie," doing the same, "and Skye," who was flirting at the bar. "I'm watching over them so they don't end up into the back alley. What about you?"

"Oh, I'm accompanying my brother, he didn't want to come alone. He's the one kissing that girl over there."

"He's kissing Shirley."

"Oh?" He looked back at the two. "Boy, you're right."

"Is he a nice type of guy?"

"Um, yeah I guess, why do you ask?"

"It looks like they're getting pretty heated there," Hawkin said as the brother's hands slowly crept their way down Shirley's back and into her pants. "I was thinking of stopping them, but if he's cool, I guess it'll be fine."

"Oh, yeah of course, my bro's not a shady man, he's just a really good seducer."

"Ah, okay then."

"Hey, by the way, we haven't introduced ourselves," he spoke, "I'm Patt." He held his hand out to her.

Hawkin, who was still resting over the table on her arms, decided to sit upright to give this man the handshake he was offering.

"Hawkin. Nice to meet you."


... *Long silence*

Patt looked like he was trying to avoid eye contact since she sat up, his head turned to the side, and... was he blushing? The lighting was making it hard to figure out. He did, however, shoot a glance toward her every now and then. Hawkin looked at herself and understood. She'd unconsciously crossed her arms under her chest, which had the effect of pushing her breasts up and forward, straining them against the fabric of her slightly tight t-shirt in a rather lewd manner.

"Oh my." She instantly changed position for something less suggestive of her cleavage. "Sorry for that," she apologized.

It wasn't intentional, It's just that her boobs seemed to have grown almost exponentially lately. Where she could barely fill a C-cup bra just a month or two ago, large D's were almost too small now. It would require some time to get accustomed to these bigger assets and the attention they seemed to attract.

An awkward silence dominated their conversation. No one really knew what to say. Hawkin tried to think of something real quick and broke the ice.

"So uh, tell me about yourself," she started. "Who are you?"

"Oh, um, I'm just a regular guy. Nothing special, really. Got fired from my job, still searching for a new one. Um... I'm into science, computers and music. I guess I'm a bit on the nerdy side. Uh, what about you?

"I work as photographer at a studio not too far from here. I'm an artsy type of girl. I like to sing and draw in my spare time, and I'm quite clumsy at times.

"Hm. Uh, what kind of people go at your studio?"

"Well, mostly the big-shots who have money to spare and those who need professional pictures for, let's say, weddings or business cards. We'll rarely see people with a small personal project, but they're my favorite type of customer. They'll ask questions that'll make you think more, they really stir the monotony that the studio settles in."

The two continued on sharing facts about themselves and their opinions on various things for what felt like hours. Eventually, they started getting pretty comfortable with each other, enough that they wouldn't fear sharing some of their personal life.

"See? That's Mitten, and there's Snowball just behind, on the side," she showed him on her phone. "They were so tiny!"

"Aww, they're adorable!"

A girl approached the table with an unsteady foot. Hawkin recognized her drunk friend.

"Maddie? Is there something?"

"Hey Hawkyyy, Skye is like uhhh *hic* totally wasted right now, she tried to get into aaa chugging comtest, yeahhhh. Ya should get her *hic* home."

"Okay, thanks for letting me know."

"Anytimeeeee!" Maddie traced a crooked path back to where she was before.

Hawkin finally stood up from the bench she'd been sitting on for hours. "Well, looks like our chat will have to end now," she said half-heartedly.

"Aw, well this is goodbye, then," Patt answered.

"But before I go, come here," she beckoned him.

Once he was standing, she gave him a big hug. "Thanks, Patt," she started, "it's the first time in God knows how long that I've been able to get along this well with someone else. You have no idea how lighter I feel now, I really needed a conversation like this."

"Anytime for a friend! Um say, would you like us to keep contact?"

"Oh, sure, why not? Let me give you my number."

They exchanged numbers with a glow in their eyes, the same glow you can see in a child's after they write down their friend's phone number and address, the one that says: "now we can see each other again".

"But I gotta warn you," Hawkin said. "My boss doesn't really like to have cellphones ringing in the middle of a photoshoot, so if there's anything during the day, text me or wait for my call, ok?"

"Understood. Although I could try and do that just to annoy you."

"Oh, you wouldn't dare!"

"Pffft you're right, I wouldn't."

"Aw, you're such a gem, Patt, I don't understand how people can reject you. Anyway, good night, fingers crossed for job hunting tomorrow!"

"Good night, and thanks!"

Patt stood still, watching her as she walked toward the bar where a passed out Skye was, her hips gently swaying side to side. Although, his reverie was abruptly interrupted when he saw how easily Hawkin hauled her friend despite her slender frame. Welp, she was stronger than what he expected. But then again, constantly moving equipment around in a studio is bound to get some muscle in you with time.


Patt sat back down to ponder tonight's events.

"How did I even befriend such a girl..." he thought aloud, surprising himself blushing.

Thinking about it, this night almost felt surreal. When he came at the club, Patt had no interest of dancing or bringing a girl home, he really just did it because he owed his brother the favor. But he'd somehow found someone just as lonely as he was and managed to make a friend. It was almost too good to be true, but it was all still very real.

"Heyyy bro!" Patt's brother said as he approached him with a girl, apparently Shirley, held under his arm, "I'm feeling pretty ready to go home now. Are you coming?"

"I suppose you're also bringing a guest?"

"Yeeeeaah," she answered with a giggle in his stead.

"You're Shirley, right?" Patt asked her.


"Okay, then you should go tell that girl there, Shawn," he motioned toward Hawkin, who was just about to head outside with Skye on her shoulders, "that she won't need to give her a lift home."

"Alrighty, Patty!" his brother nudged him before waking away with his prize of the night.

Finally back home after having driven and helped each of her three passengers reach the inside of their respective house, an exhausted Hawkin flopped onto her bed still half-dressed, where she fell asleep before having the time to look at her clock or through the window to see that it was almost dawn. Fortunately that she didn't work on Saturdays, else she'd be in trouble when she'd wake up way late.
Chapter 1 --- Chapter 2 (coming soon) // nevermind, this is another project I've abandoned //

Here's the start of a story I'm writing.
Just a little heads up: this story will contain some swearing and mentions of mature themes from time to time. Although, I intend to keep it mostly sfw.

Any feedback is appreciated, must it be pointing out typos, mentioning plot holes or just telling what you think about the story so far.
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There is just one thing i'm wondering... Where did you pick the name Hawkin form?

I never hear it before and I was wondering if there were a reason behind your choice?
PaintingJo Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2017  Student General Artist
It's something I remembered from a dream I had, the one that made me decide to start writing this story.
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